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Turn Your Waste Into Wonder

For Only R300 per month


Transform Your Household Waste Into A Thriving Garden

Our organic waste collection and composting service is a simple and sustainable solution for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint and nourish their gardens with nutrient-rich compost.
Unlike other waste disposal options, we not only pick up your organic waste every week, but we also transform it into high-quality compost that you buy back at a significantly reduced rate.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up for our collection service

Step 2

We collect your waste every week

Step 3

We deliver your organic compost.

Make A Difference That Matters

By choosing our service, you gain the following benefits:

The High Cost of Food Waste
The average American family throws away $1,600 worth of food each year. That's equivalent to 1 in every 5 bags of groceries purchased.
Home Gardening on the Rise
The pandemic has spurred a home gardening boom, with 1 in 3 Americans growing their own produce. 91% of them say it improves mental health.
Communities Joining Forces to Eradicate Pollution
Across the world, communities are taking action against pollution. In China, over 60,000 volunteers have planted 32,000 hectares of trees in just one year.
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Case Study

Air Pollution
What’s currently happening in Air Pollution all around the world? AQI region-wise.

Planning and zoning are examples of mitigation actions, as are floodplain protection, property acquisition and relocation, and public outreach projects. Installing disaster warning systems, purchasing radio communications equipment, and conducting emergency response training are examples of preparedness actions. Disaster mitigation is at the heart of emergency management.

Human degradation of nature is the greatest challenge of the twenty-first century, yet it barely registers as a political issue. Environment solutions often create jobs & economic opportunities.

Goldie D. Taylor

The Environment is All We Have In Common

Turning the ship around takes a lot of willpower and ingenuity.

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